Small original works on paper

Oct 4 2019 - Oct 4 2019

Small original works on paper

My Collection - Seascapes

'Shapes of Water' Small original works on paper

{...As a visual artist I am constantly fascinated by the abstract qualities of water. I have a strong bond with the sea having lived my early life at a house on the beach in Famagusta, Cyprus. The movement of water with its shapes, patterns and colours that swirl into and out of each other create fascinating abstract imagery. The water paintings also tell a story. They suggest a metaphor of the human experience as we experience our journey through life and how ripple effects affect our life. Water suggests a powerful energy as the viewer becomes mesmerized by the reflected movement of the waves. The paintings are meant to evoke emotions and give importance to the element of water so vital to our existence but so often taken for granted or wasted...} Let me assist you in guiding your way through the process of creating a commissioned piece or placing a beautiful, pre-existing work into your collection. Click on 'Gallery' to see all my collections.
  • Oct 4 2019 - Oct 4 2019



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