Moonlight Glow Seascape painting

Moonlight Glow Seascape painting | seascapeart

Here’s a Seascapeart that I’ve been working on over the last few months. Exploring a slightly different colour palette, the 90×90 cm acrylic painting is finally finished. As I add many glazes and textures (which is part of my unique style), I am progressing very cautiously before I can say that this Seascapes painting is completed. This painting is driven by emotions of unlimited freedom and inspired by my travels and by my strong bond with the sea. My story: With the sound of crashing sea waves and the hot feeling of sand under bare feet, my story starts in Famagusta, Cyprus. My family’s childhood home built along the scenic coastline, I spent most of my early years by the beach. It is here that I came to know the limitless freedom of the Ocean. They bring to surface memories of being near water and the warm breeze across skin.



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