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'Elevate04', Kroll Offices, the Shard, London Aug 2022-Feb 2023



As a seascape artist and art teacher I see beauty in everyone’s creation

It is amazing to see how our brain works and how people observe and understand to re-create the same piece of art.  The other day I was teaching a group of ten ladies, some who had never touched a paint brush till that day and some who were more advanced on their artistic journey. I had put in front of them an abstract composition I had created and which everyone had to look at and reproduce (with my individual coaching at each easel, that is).

It was extraordinary how everyone came up with their own creation. How these ladies observed things individually and differently.  How doing this helped them see things “outside the box”.  How they could see the very same image from a different perspective. This illustrates how diverse we all are, that everyone has a different perspective not only on art but also on life.  We can all look at the same image and one sees an angry sea and someone else sees his/her childhood memories emerging.

What a challenging but also enjoyable and perhaps even observational experience that is!



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