Do you know what pareidolia is?

Artist | Abstract Painting

Do you know what pareidolia is?

Artist | Abstract Painting

Seascape Artist The other day I was teaching a group of ten ladies, some of whom had never touched a paintbrush till that day and some more advanced in their artistic journey. I had put in front of them an abstract inkblot from the Mysteries in Colour – a fun and interactive workbook for practising mindfulness through creativity. The book is created by an Indian Canadian colleague and artist @mazarinememon.


Mysteries in colour is a very engaging team workshop that fosters imaginative thinking, team culture and mindfulness.  It is the first of its kind workshop that uses and takes advantage of a neuroscience phenomenon called pareidolia that engages your inner-child.

It is all about perspective. Pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

Seeing a dragon in a patch of clouds, a face on the moon, or a clown face in a mud splatter are examples of.

Everyone had to look at an inkblot and with my individual coaching and examples the team had to colour in their thoughts. We learned how to observe things around us which is what pareidolia is all about.

What a great and wonderful coaching experience that was: I witnessed the power of individual creativity and perspective in art. It’s truly amazing how different people can interpret the same image and create unique pieces of art based on their individual experiences and perceptions.

As an artist and teacher, I understand the importance of encouraging creativity and individuality in my students. By providing guidance and coaching while allowing for individual expression, I am helping my students to explore their own unique perspectives and artistic voices.

Challenging experiences like the one I described can be incredibly valuable for team members, as they push them outside of their comfort zones and encourage them to think creatively and critically. I, as a facilitator, help them towards their own unique artistic journeys, and it’s clear that I take that responsibility seriously.

You do not have to be an artist to take part in the Mysteries in colour team building. No one is judging anyone.

What a challenging experience that was!!!!

As a fine artist, art teacher and facilitator for the Mysteries in colour, I will continue to inspire and encourage my art students and/or team members  to explore their own creativity and perspective through art.

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