A house is not a home without art. A commissioned art piece is something that you hold dear in your heart forever as it evokes feelings within you that you are being reminded of by that particular piece. You look at the painting and find yourself immersed in its depth and colours. It reminds you of a time that you were happy or sad, a childhood memory perhaps that is forever imprinted in your mind and now it decorates the walls in your living room in the form of a painting. Acquiring such a magnificent piece will bring you joy

Buying an art piece for your home is a proven way to add to your interior design and humanize the space. The artwork will give your place a personal character and warmth that will turn it into a ‘homely’ environment for both you and your guests. Maya Angelou famously said, “People will forget what you said.  People will forget what you did.  But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Interacting with the artist to share his/her creative spirit is another way to set up a memorable connection. An art sale is more than just a transaction…. When you purchase my artwork, you

  ART Compliments: Studies show that the colour in a room can directly impact your mood. The great thing about art is that you can bring these colours and emotions without having to paint the walls an overwhelming colour. When you have run out of ideas on how to decorate on your own even after flipping through countless luxury interior design magazines you can always turn to hiring an interior designer who is trained in the art of interior design and ensures that you're going to get the space you want and the art that compliments it’.    There is no one better

'DOES THIS WORK BELONG TO YOU?': Imagine my surprise and indeed excitement when I received a message recently from a professor in Canada to say that my image found its way into their discussion and they couldn’t find the artist or the name of the painting (which is what they really wanted to know as it was the topic of discussion). Her class had been discussing the said artwork trying to decide on the right name for it based on what it illustrated. They did this not knowing who painted it, just an image they found online. But then they became curious


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