Artist Statement

My home, my art, my style

Through art I find my freedom. I try to imagine and create powerful and evocative experiences.


With the sound of crashing sea waves and the hot feeling of sand under bare feet, Marina Emphietzi’s story starts in Famagusta, Cyprus. Her family’s childhood home built along the scenic coastline, she spent most of her days by the beach. It is here that she came to know the limitless freedom of the Ocean.

Marina lost her home in the trauma of war in 1974. The ocean and its waters, full of life and possibility, are a part of her most joyful memories. They are from which she draws inspiration from in her work and why her pieces have the power to evoke strong feelings of nostalgia and freedom. Her strong association with the sea and coastline has encouraged her inner artist to draw seamless seascape paintings and abstract landscapes.

A world traveller, Marina has called many places home. The man-made beaches of Dubai, the crowded markets of Ethiopia, Cyprus and recently the grey skies of London, U.K., each brings their own colour palette to Marina’s current work on modern art.



About Style and Inspiration:

Marina Emphietzi’s visionary work transcends conventional boundaries, immersing viewers in a realm where time, life, and memory intertwine. Her captivating artworks, rooted in a distinct semi-abstract style, draw inspiration primarily from the mesmerizing power of water and the marine environment.

 She creates paintings with a vivid colour palette, many textures, robust energy and a playful style mostly inspired by the sea.

Created with robust energy, her paintings have playful textures and a distinct style of modern art. They bring to surface lost memories of being near water; the sound of rumbling waves, the feeling of a warm breeze across skin. A metaphor of the transient human experience, her vibrant seascapes suggest we flow through the journey of life, ever-changing and free.

Her work is characterized by strong tonal variations and constantly challenges her own talent by trying to experiment with subject matters and techniques for new creative effects in modern art.

Marina’s expressive ocean paintings show the natural forms of a real world in a semi abstract way as shown clearly in most of her vibrant sea and  land scape paintings made by her.

‘We were all impressed by the artist’s inexhaustible energy and passion focused on the sea life reflecting through her outstanding works so many cherished experiences at a remarkable technique highlighting her infinite imagination and talent’

Polixeni Ghioni
Kathimerini newspaper-UK

‘You have a great sense of composition. I like the expressivity of your lines, ‘the Turning Point’ storm feels very strong and threatening, and yet, the viewer is offered a sense of solitude and a great reflexion on the power of the elements.

Lea Simone Allegria
Founder & Art Director • New York, NY

‘We felt in love with your artwork, bought one last year and we are now looking forward to seeing your new paintings’

G. Nuetzi


The artist I most admire is J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851).

My Journey

How Knowing A Little More About me helps create lasting connections

Having lived in a few countries around the world, I have encountered their people and their languages; I have also lived in one of Africa’s ancient cultural centres-Ethiopia and the Gulf, a coming together of the new and old worlds. I believe that this precious cultural diversity influenced my work. I have met lovely people and made good friends.

Creates visual reminders through commissions
Creates visual reminders through commissions
Creates visual reminders through commissions It was when friends and friends of friends and work colleagues started asking if I could create a one of a kind visual reminder artwork for them that I started taking on commissions.
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Motivates and coaches artists to reach the next level of their artistic path ( See Workshop page).
About Us - Plastin in Oceans
Supporter of 'Plastic free' oceans organisations

Here is my story

My style and compositions show the natural forms of a real world in a semi abstract, expressionist way.

 I do not just create artworks with my brushes. I paint from inside out. I create colourful, soulful and expressive artworks using many glazes  and textures, inspired  by, both my travels and by my strong bond with the sea. I connect with people, through emotions of unlimited freedom, nostalgia, memories, life and nostos* ( Greek word for homecoming).
My Bio

Career History & Exhibitions

Past, Present, Future

Solo exhibitions

  • 2021 Ekate-Opus39, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 2020 Opus39, Nicosia, Cyprus
  •  2017 Hellenic Centre, London Uk
  • 2013 Thisseas Gallery-Limassol-Cyprus
  • 2011 Gallery Opus 39 Nicosia Cyprus
  • 2010 Gallery Leila –Addis Ababa Ethiopia
  • 2009 Gallery Mondo Arte-Dubai-UAE
  • 2008 Gallery Mondo Arte-Dubai -UAE
  • 2007 OPUS 39 Gallery Nicosia –Cyprus 10-21 April 2007
  • 2007 Gallery Mondo Arte-Dubai-UAE
  • 2005 Hunar Gallery-Dubai UAE

Selected Group and International Exhibitions

  • 2023- StART exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
  • 2023- Women in Art, Mall Galleries, london, UK
  • 2023- Flux Exhibition,,London, UK
  • 2023- Ensemble 02 – The Knoll Paris, France
  • 2022-Bobcat Gallery, London, UK
  • 2022 Elevate 04 The Shard, London
  • 2022 Green & Stone gallery, Chelsea, London * (Award winner)
  • 2022 HGS, London, UK
  • 2021 Flux, London,
  • 2020 Three Angels-Larnaca-Cyprus
  • 2020 Artnumber23-Athens, Greece,
  • 2020 Cylinder Gallery, London, UK (Virtual Exhibition)
  • 2019 Artbox. Project, Art Miami, USA*
  • 2019 Light, Space & Time Gallery, UK**
  • 2019 Opus39, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 2019 Camden Image Gallery, London, Uk
  • 2019 Flux Exhibition, London, UK
  • 2018 Parallax exhibition, London, Uk
  • 2018 Hellenic Centre, London, Uk
  • 2018 Salon des Refuses, London, Uk2
  • 2017-Opus 39 Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 2016 Opus 39 Nicosia Cyprus
  • 2016 Technopolis Paphos Cyprus
  • 2015-Salon des refuses-London.Uk
  • 2014- ‘The Gallery’ United society of Artists – London, UK
  • 2014- Kyklos Gallery –Paphos, Cyprus
  • 2012- Anti-Dora Pegasus Arts Foundation-Limassol Cyprus
  • 2012 Window-Art-Paphos-Cyprus
  • 2011 Art Festival Addis Ababa-Ethiopia
  • 2011 Modern Contemporary juried Art contest-New York
  • 2010 Erotic Art Exhibition-Nicosia-Cyprus
  • 2010 Art festival Addis Ababa-Ethiopia
  • 2010-E.K.A.T.E. 50 years Anniversary of the Cyprus Republic-Nicosia


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